We’re wedding videography rebels and our films are just that bit cooler than the rest. We wanted to see films that are ALL about the vibe of the day - so we damn well did it ourselves. If fast-paced fun is more your speed then you've come to the right place.


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Modern Wedding Videographers

Modern wedding films. Alternative wedding films. Stylish wedding films. Whatever you call them, above all our style of films is always cool AF. If you’re looking for a video that’s going to show your modern wedding in all it’s stylish-as-hell glory then check out our films. You’re going to love them.

London Wedding Videographers

London is the city we've called home for the last seven years. Are we city people? Hell yes to that. We’re more at home on Brick Lane than in a field and totally in love with those super cool urban vibes we get from shooting all over London. East London is totally our fave with that gritty, industrial feel and banging street art/graffiti scene.

Destination Wedding Videographers

Not content with knocking the socks off old-school wedding videography in London - we’re taking this global. If you’ve got a destination wedding planned then we're all in. From New York City to Morocco and Sri Lanka to Los Angeles - there’s nowhere we won’t go for an amazing wedding.

Alternative Wedding Videographers

After a film that’s a bit less - well - blah? Well, you found us. We’re totally into the non-traditional wedding videography scene and if you’ve been looking for a film with an edgy-cool vibe that will make you feel like you lived your best life ever on your wedding day. This Modern Revelry is about to get real for you.

"This Modern Revelry are the videographers of choice for the YouTube Generation!”


“So much more than videographers - calming influences, clueless bride advisors, fun injectors, the list goes on...”