Destination Weddings

Wedding adventures FTW.

We love being destination wedding videographers.


When you have a destination wedding YOU are the destination. When families and friends jump on a plane to celebrate with you, that’s pretty damn special and - let’s face it - they’re going to bring the holiday vibes right along with them. Not only do you get to explore new locations and share unique experiences, but throw a pool, a tropical beach or an epic cityscape into the equation and you’ve got something that’s going be super special and look A-MAZING.

So that’s where we come in. You’ve got the destination and we’ve got the skills. There is nothing we love more than being thrown into a new and exciting location where we can capture cultures, landscapes and experiences that are so different to all the other weddings we’ve been destination wedding videographers at.

When we’re filming destination weddings we’re light on our feet and constantly looking for the next opportunity to get some pretty epic shots. Whether it’s wandering down a vineyard lane to make the most of the most amazing Bordeaux sunset or being so quick we can film a proposal happening in the Grand Canyon when we had NO IDEA it was going to happen (true story), we’re going to make the most of it.

We arrive a day or two before your wedding. That lets you kick back, safe in the knowledge that we won’t get stuck in traffic from the artichoke festival in the nearby Italian village or held up by airport staff strikes (Air France - you know what we’re talking about). This way we’re there with enough time to swing by, meet your family and friends, scope out some great locations and make sure we’re on our feet and ready to hit the ground running on your wedding day. Plus, to make things easy for you we include all travel and accommodation in our packages. Simple as that.

If you’re planning a destination wedding with all the ingredients for a unique adventure and a kick-ass party then get in touch for more information. We love to travel, especially when we get to combine that with filming destination weddings.

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Or in the air.
Or on the sea.
Maybe into space (no time travel please).
We’ll travel anywhere in the world for a wedding. Hit us up with the details and let’s get the party started.