Is it always the two of you filming on the day?

Always. Every wedding. We shoot together and work as a team (and a damn good one *high-fives*).

What do we do when we've decided we'd like to book you?

When you decide you’d like us to film your wedding, to claim the date in our diary all we need is a signed contract and initial payment. Then we’re all good to go!

If we're getting married a long way from you, who pays for travel?

To make things simple for you we include all travel and accommodation in all our packages. No hidden extras and no surprise last minute bills.

What time will you start and finish?

You tell us. We like to arrive with enough time for everyone to get comfortable with us being there (but not so early that we catch you all pre-makeup and mid-breakfast). Then we’ll stay as long as you ask us to - some of the best moments happen on the dance floor and we’d be missing a trick if we didn’t stay for a kicking party.

When will we see our films?

This depends on a number of things, mainly: which types of films you’ve gone for and what time of year your wedding is. The shortest wait times are normally in the Spring and the longest towards the end of Summer as we work through a busy schedule.

Can we post our films online?

If you’re talking about highlights films - absolutely! All the music we use in our highlights is fully licensed - because those artists should get fair payment for their work (and we don’t want you or us to get any surprise fines or legal smackdowns!)

Who chooses the highlights music?

The music we use is always chosen with you in mind – by this point we’ve seen your wedding and gotten to know you both as a couple – so what we choose will reflect the vibe you’re going for.

Who chooses the full film music?

For our full films we use a different type of music license, not meant for online sharing, which means we can use a wider range of music. We’ll send you a playlist of awesome songs and ask you to let us know which 8-10 are your favourites, that way we have a variety of styles and tempos to reflect different parts of the day. If you’d like to see an example of a full film, we can share one with you privately, just get in touch.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. Our mum’s would kill us if we weren’t prepared for every eventuality, no matter how unlikely (we’re looking at you water purification tablets). We have public liability insurance and our gear is insured for all kinds of globe-trotting recklessness. If your venue asks for any certificates just let us know.