We’re all about being up-front with our prices so everybody gets a fair deal. We’ve got three different packages to suit everyone.

All The Feels


» 3-5 Minute Highlights Film «
This is the one you’ll want to watch again and again. The best bits. The fun. All the feels.

All The Details


» 3-5 Minute Highlights Film «
» 10-15 Minute Full Film «
If the Highlights Film is all the feels then the Full Film is all the details. The longer film means we get to show even more of the awesomeness that is your wedding.

All The Laughs


» 3-5 Minute Highlights Film «
» 10-15 Minute Full Film «
» Vows and Speeches «
The literal whole shebang. Remember all the things you said to each other and all the laughs and tears that came with it.

You can always upgrade your package later if you’re worried you’ll miss out on details or laughs!

All films are provided on a USB and highlights films will go online for you to share how ace your wedding was. Both of us film all day at your wedding and highlights films come with web-sharing licensed music (so you’re not gonna get hit with any hefty fines from Bey or her people).


We freaking love to travel so if you’re getting married somewhere awesome and want us to come with let us know and we can figure out a special quote. If you’re getting married in one of the following locations hit us up » we’ve got major wanderlust for these places so we’ll give you a great deal!
» Lanzarote «
» Morocco «
» New York «
» Scottish Highlands «

All The Extras

USBs » You’ll get your films on a special USB but if you’d like extras they’re £35 each.
DVDs » We don’t usually provide films on DVDs (long live digital media!) but if you’re keen to have one we can provide them for £40 each.
1 Minute Stories » Thinking you need to practice ahead of the wedding? Want to show your guests an awesome video on the day? We’ll head to your favourite location, help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and shoot a short film you’ll love for £250.


Will we need to pay travel?

Travel and accommodation are included anywhere in mainland UK, if you’re planning a destination wedding shoot us a message and we can give you a special quote.

Are there always two of you?

Always. We shoot together and work as a team. You’ll have two cameras and two perspectives. We’re lightfooted, keep our gear to a minimum and are basically invisible so we won’t crowd you.

How do you pick the music?

The music we use is always chosen with you in mind – by this point we’ve seen your wedding and gotten to know you both as a couple – so what we choose will reflect the vibe you’re going for. We’re always happy to hear if you have specific ideas about what you would like though and can offer a few options.

Why aren’t your full films online?

The reason you won’t see the longer films on the website is because, as creatives, we believe that anyone who creates something ace should get full credit for it. That extends to the music we use in our films.
All the music you hear is fully licensed because those artists should get fair payment for their work (and we don’t want you or us to get any surprise fines or legal smackdowns!) For our full films we use a different type of music license, not meant for online sharing, which means we can use a wider range of music. If you would like to see an example of a full film, we can share one with you privately, just shoot us a message

How long will it be until we get our film(s)?

This depends on a number of things, mainly: which package you’ve gone for and when in the year your wedding is. Summer is particularly busy for us so your wait time may be longer than usual. We’ll give you an idea of when you can expect delivery of your film when you book.

Can we get the raw footage?

We always shoot weddings with at least two, if not three HD cameras, and the raw footage usually is between 60-80GB for each camera (easily over 15 hours of footage in total). This footage contains every single moment that our cameras were turned on – even those where someone stands up in front of the un-manned camera in the back and there’s just half an hour of someone’s back. Raw footage is often shaky because we try not to turn off our cameras when moving from one position to another – mostly so we don’t miss anything. It’s not a full sequence of events since we have clips from multiple cameras all capturing the same moments. Raw footage is also not colour corrected or graded, as we do this during the editing process to give it that cinematic feel. Raw footage also doesn’t contain usable audio – while we will use a camera mounted microphone as a backup, we get the best sounding audio from toasts, speeches, vows, etc. by using professional lapel microphones that are completely separate from the video recording. Thus, a big part of the post-wedding editing process involves syncing that professional audio with the raw footage. A major feat – but also a necessary one.
We are also strong believers that by seeing the uncut footage it would ruin the magic of your film and possibly the memory of your wedding day.

What about brand and event films?

Working with creative entrepreneurs is one of our favourite things and we love showcasing brands and events in a slick, modern way. There are so many details that make them unique and a these films tell that story. If you’ve got an exciting brand or event coming up and want us to film for you shoot us a message and let us know your ideas! These films start at £400.

Got something else awesome you want us to film? We’re up for anything so let us know your plans!

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