We offer four different kinds of films:


Our highlights films are the heart of it - the vibe and essence of what your day was like and this is the one you’ll want to watch again and again. The best bits and all the fun. Your very own 3 minute music video. HELL YES.

Full Films

Not quite as fast paced as our highlights films, the full film is around 10 minutes long but you better believe it’s still got style. The longer film means we get to show you even more of your day, and of course - more friends and family.

Vows + Speeches

These are separate to your other films so you can re-live your vows and speeches, just like they were on the day.


If you’re super keen to have something to share on Instagram stories the day after your wedding (we totally feel you, we can't get enough!) we’ll film some super slick clips and send them to you the very next day.

All our packages include

  • Laura + Alan filming #acceptnosubstitues
  • Complete editing and colour grading on all your films
  • Music licensing fees
  • All your films provided on a custom USB
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