photographs for lovers films for party starters digital & 35mm filmphotographs for lovers films for party starters digital & 35mm film

Wedding photography & videography for modern lovers, rule breakers and party animals.

Weddings should be about fun. The joyous, raucous, explosion of everything you love, all in one go. It’s not about saying “I do” in hushed tones – it’s shout-it-from-the-rooftops epic gatherings of you and your favourite people where good times reign supreme. If breaking traditions and giving your guests the time of their lives make your wedding alternative, count us in. We’re here to capture the real experience, the unfiltered moments from your guest’s perspectives and packaging them up for you to keep forever.

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Part of the Party

We know your wedding day isn’t just about the venue that vibes the way you do, or the outfit that makes you feel *exceptional*, it’s about the people who fill those spaces and the overwhelming joy, love and – let’s face it – dance moves they bring with them. That’s why we’re more than just the team behind the lens, we’re professional fitter-inners.

By the time their hair is well and truly looking dance floor messy we’ll be sharing in-jokes with your bridesmaids, ease the best man’s pre-speech nerves, tie and re-tie a few bow ties (we’re dab hands at them now) and become part of the (wedding) party. Because we know that your wedding day is so much more than a series of posed photos – it’s a celebration of love, joy, throw-your-arms-around-everyone-you-love moments and unfiltered connection with the people who matter most. And those moments? We collect them all for you to hold onto forever.

Enablers not dictators

Encouraging and lifting you up. Not telling you what to do every second. We’re right in the thick of it. We capture and show the guest experience, not some creepy background lurker.

Something we do at every wedding
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Photo and Video together works better than booking it separately, what you get from photography and what you get from videography – different things but both important and great. Blah blah blah.

This is how we do it

This is how we do it

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