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We make wedding videos for you
the stylish as hell, millennial(ish) generation who think
"Well shit, I want our wedding day to be FUN, not boring."
breaking out of the box and making weddings your own.

You want to remember the real stuff, everything that’s you – not a copy and paste format, but a video that nails your vibe in EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. We’re talking hair flipping, shot downing, arms in the air, laugh til you cry, jumping on the tables realness – with you – the ones who know that once the ceremony is over, that’s when the real action goes down.


Your wedding will be hard to define in words
not timeless
not pretty
not alternative
not vintage, quirky or faddy.
It will be you, being you.
Not trying to be something you’re not.
If you’re getting married in 2020
then it should damn well look like you are.
Because that’s real life.
That’s not cheesy fantasy.
It’s NOW.
It’s the point in YOUR LIFE that you
both decided to say
"Let’s kick down the door to the next chapter of life together!!!”

What we do definitely ain’t ‘pretty’, ‘lovely’ or ‘romantic’. You won’t find any cheesy love ballads or moony-eyed couples gazing at each other. We’re gonna shoot you, being you on your wedding day and give you a hella cool soundtrack to it all.

DANNI + JAMES Sopley Mill | Hampshire
LUCY + JAMES MC Motors | London
EMMA + HENRY Hackney Town Hall | Hackney | London
So forget all the smushy stuff and