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We're Laura + Alan

We’re filmmakers, party starters, husband + wife and we’re kinda blown away by how much our life has changed since we started filming weddings. Two people who thought they had to leave their love of filming and music behind to pursue ‘practical lives’. We interviewed. We commuted. We had ‘real jobs’. But when we rediscovered filmmaking we couldn’t stop. It was (and still is) our lives. Every spare moment was spent filming, editing and figuring out how we could shake things up in the industry. And now? We get to spend our days hanging out with the most awesome, fun-loving, in love people. We get to see them get married, party ’til the early hours, then create films that will absolutely knock your socks off. We wouldn’t have it any other way.



Those nerves you get when you’re about to go on a first date – yep. We get that feeling at every wedding we shoot because we’re excited to throw ourselves into the epic celebration and capture all the fun and love that that holds. We’re not big into soppy declarations of love. We’re all about modern love. Brides giving speeches, sneaking off to a mountain top with the two of you, first dances to Rudimental, crowd surfing couples, head-turning Mustangs, ear-popping tunes and anything you can throw at us. That’s what gets us going.

But what got us here?
Quite frankly, the most boring ass wedding films we’d ever seen.

The ones where you can’t make it through the first 30 seconds because you’ve seen nothing of the couple yet? The ones where you can’t figure out if anyone else was actually invited? Yeah, those ones. When we made our first REAL wedding film we got our inspiration from everywhere BUT the wedding industry. YouTube – yep. Travel bloggers who make the coolest films ever and have you hankering to climb a mountain in Norway – those too. Music videos, commercials, films on the big screen. That’s where we got our inspiration and where we still do. If we’re going to capture your wedding day you better believe we’re going to make it look every damn bit as fun as you’re going to remember it. So we’re shaking up the industry, film by film and we’re changing the game.

A big part of our process is music. We’ve both played instruments. We’ve both been on stage. Music and performing has been such a big part of our lives that it’s *literally* how we met (the rules are – we’ll only tell you about it if you ask us to be at your wedding, cool?) That’s why our films are nothing like you’ve seen before. So whatever you’ve got planned, just know that we’ll be right there with you from start to finish, hanging out with your family and friends, dancing our butts off and NEVER refusing a shot when you offer. We’ll throw ourselves into the day and into the edit, no holds barred.

One thing’s for certain
NOBODY’S going to get bored of watching your wedding film.