We live for the love,
the laughs and the libations

Laura & Alan

The original wedding party starters since 2016

Photographer // Videographer

Our superpower, the magic behind the lens and what makes us extraordinary at capturing you in your element is just ‘getting’ you. That’s the first up – heart of it – literal essence of everything we do.
You’ll get married, make those faces that only happen when you look at your bestie after the ceremony and point O-M-G to the new hardware on your finger, shake up the dance floor ‘til the disco ball falls down.

Then we’ll hand back your memories with the feeling in every image, every frame of exactly what it was like to be there.

Your cousin will ask us after the speeches – when we’re laughing at the bar with your pals like we’ve known them our whole lives – “How long have you known them?”

Because that’s what we do.

We’re people people and one of the absolute best parts of our job is getting to be your friend, hype-guys, party starters, ice breakers and giving your family a hug at the end of the night when they says it’s like we’ve bloody known you for years.

That’s why our photos and videos have that easy, breezy, having-fun-with-your-mates vibe – because that’s exactly what we’ll be by then.

What we LOVE
about weddings

You never know what you’re gonna get

Every single wedding is completely different. Even at the same venue. In the same week. It sounds obvious, but it couldn’t be more true and it’s like a fingerprint, completely distinctive. It’s about the people – the vibe you create as a couple for your wedding day and how those people; your besties, your family, the ones you share your lives with – come together to celebrate you, as a couple, that make your once in a lifetime moments unforgettable. Pure. Joy.

That special connection with you

We’re right there for anything you need. Your hype team; hands-on, all-in, dance-floor-fillers. Mum hovering a bit too much in the morning? We’ll suddenly find a lovely reason for her to be in the other room. Not enough people taking after-dinner shots of Fireball from the tray in the corner? We’re right there passing the tray with one hand and shooting with the other (we’re multi-talented like that).

Nothing beats that wedding energy

From the moment we step through the door in the morning we know that today is big for you. It couldn’t be bigger. And we love that wedding energy. Getting to be by your side for the minutes before you walk down the aisle, as you get ready – nerves jangling – to stand up and speak to everyone you love in one room, and the buzz that’s in the air before you throw open the doors to everyone cheering you in as newly married babes – that’s not something we take lightly. It’s a bloody privilege to share those intimate, gigantic, life-changing moments with you.

How did we get here?

Met at University of Leeds in 2008 Married since 2017 Parents since 2022Met at University of Leeds in 2008 Married since 2017 Parents since 2022

Theatre Kids

Where the hell did this team start? Leeds Uni. Musical Theatre. Panto. Weird combo we know but when Cinderella met Prince Charming (you might think we’re kidding – we’re not) that’s how it all happened. What that means though is we love energy, joy and that feeling of celebration – which I reckon led us to enjoying a bloody good wedding. It also makes us assets on your dance floor, so don’t forget it.

Laura & Alan in East London

London Life & Marriage

We graduated. We commuted into London for 6 years. We had ‘real jobs’. But what’s life without taking a few chances. We knew we had it in us to shake the wedding industry up a bit and started creating the first wedding videos with a vibe more at home in a music video. TMR was created in 2016, we got married in 2017 and the rest is history.

Margate & Parents

In 2019 we wanted to move somewhere with a creative vibe and more community around us so off to Margate we went. The food here is epic, there are so many creative people and during the summer literally nothing beats having the beach nearby. Our favourite part of Margate though? The arcades. We love a good kitschy vibe. In 2022 a new (albeit smaller) team member appeared but he’s not quite ready to be shooting on his own just yet.

We could not have asked for anything more or better than you being part of our day. You made it so easy and just the best vibe, can’t thank you enough.

Charlie & Sam


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you two are the most incredible and talented people.

Sinead & Rob

Feeling our vibe?

We absolutely LOVED having you with us on our day, honestly we just can’t get over how brilliant you both are. We have comments from literally everyone about how creative and fun you made the day.

Chloe & Nathan