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We’re wedding videography revolutionaries.
We fly the flag for you guys, you kick-ass couples with a shed load of style who know there’s more to a wedding than a close up of shoes.

You’ve probably read somewhere that the most important thing for your wedding videographer to be is ‘discrete’ or ‘unobtrusive’. That might have been true when the peak of wedding videography was an old guy in the corner with a giant camcorder and a polo shirt with his name on it, but let’s pretend that was never a thing.

For us, the best way to really get the vibe of your wedding is to be right there in the thick of it. Definitely not standing in the shadows hoping to capture the back of someone’s head. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we’re not going to do the hula in the middle of your ceremony or poke a giant lens into conversations – but you better believe if there’s a conga going on – we’ll be right there in the middle of it filming like our lives depend on it.

We won’t be invisible. We won’t be sneaky or creepy. We’ll joke with your guests and make sure they’re not super conscious about having a camera around. We’ll hang with you guys and make sure you’re having a kick-ass day. We’ll be there to both capture and create incredible moments. We’ll shake our butts on the dance floor with your family and friends and have drinks with you at the bar. So when you’re finished partying at 1am we can create a film with a vibe more at home in a music video than a party political broadcast.

You will know we’re there
and you’ll know we’re working our butts off to remember your BEST DAY EVER.