“I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.”

William Shakespeare

Early Wedding Planning Easy Wins

Sitting there with a list as long as your arm trying to decide what to do next is the toughest part of wedding planning. You can feel like you’re spending all weekend organising and then only tick one thing off your list. So let’s hit that dopamine train and check off some easy things you can do super early in the wedding planning process that’ll make your life so much easier and your stress load instantly 10% smaller.

Buy Your Confetti

Probably the easiest ‘Easy Win’ on this list is to order your confetti. It’s super common to leave this to the last minute because its such a straightforward thing in a long list of family groups, budget priorities and supplier shortlists but the last thing you want is to leave it too late!

If you want awesome confetti there are two main things you need to remember:

  1. Any kind of custom mix of confetti will be hand-picked and packed, so you’ll need to allow time for that to happen (this isn’t Amazon Prime, this is custom-made baby!)
  2. If most people leave it until the last few weeks/days before their wedding, confetti suppliers only have so much capacity so it’s first come, first delivered.

Don’t be left out in the cold holding a bag of rice and get your confetti ordered today! We always recommend Flutter Darlings for your confetti – they offer custom mixes of biodegradable wedding confetti and BONUS they also do custom mix confetti cannons too!!!

Use the discount code THISMODERNREVELRY for 15% off your confetti and cannon orders.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Make sure your venue isn’t funny about confetti, a lot of the older/remote venues can be really fussy (fairly) so make sure you know you can use it before you buy it. Just ask your venue and they’ll tell you (just make sure you get it in writing). If you’re restricted to petals check out Confetti Direct.

Bullet Point your Speech

Writing a speech can be overwhelming – so much to say and only 7 minutes to say it in (this widely touted time limit is NEVER met).

Make your life easy and start a note in your phone. Whenever you think of something or hear a great quote pop it in as a bullet point. It doesn’t have to be neat, it doesn’t have to make sense. Just a stream of consciousness will do. Having something to work from when you actually get to writing it will make things 1,000,000 times easier on the old noggin.

Document Your Planning Journey

A wedding doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Planning is all part of the process, so make sure you document it. Anything you do, take a photo!

  • Venue visits
  • Menu tasting
  • Outfit shopping
  • Budget calculating
  • Asking friends to be in your ‘super important people party

Here’s a little bonus, when you book us to shoot both photography and videography for your wedding make sure you mention this post and we’ll send you a 35mm film camera from our camera archive loaded with film to use. Then when it’s finished pop it back to us and we’ll have it professionally developed and include the photos in your gallery!

Start Making Playlists

As videographers a big part of our work is finding the perfect music for couples. So believe us when we tell you that music on your wedding day is key. You’ll need more than you think.

Make one big playlist or split it into sections, what we’d suggest:

  1. Morning prep(s)
  2. Ceremony entrance(s) (processional)
  3. Ceremony exit (recessional)
  4. Confetti – we’ve not seen this done before but it’s definitely on our bingo card for this year!
  5. Cocktail hour
  6. Mid-day party time – a few tracks that will get you and your party going for some fun shots together
  7. Wedding breakfast entrance
  8. Wedding breakfast
  9. Wrap up music – we recommend having the Oscars music on standby to play in case anyone’s speech goes on too long
  10. First dance
  11. Party time
  12. After party

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